Say bye to stress! Say hello to wedding caterers!

Say bye to stress! Say hello to wedding caterers!

Most important day in any couple’s life is their wedding day. To make it special, couples do not leave any stones unturned. They go out of their way to make this day a perfect one. Planning one’s own wedding from a to z can be very strenuous and exhausting for the couple. They can ask family and friends to help them but how will they enjoy the wedding when they are too busy ensuring everything is going on as per schedule. Hiring caterers for the occasion solves the problem. Wedding caterers sydney, does exactly the same and takes away the stress of wedding meal planning.

Caterers prepare wedding menu. They also coordinate wedding reception timeline, flow of the dinner supply, tableware rentals, stocking the bar and even baking the wedding cake! Caterers prepare food and also handle table settings to bar service and cleaning up as well.  There are two types of caterers- on-site (in-house) and off-premise caterers. On-site caterers work within a particular facility e.g. Hotels, banquet halls etc. Off-premise caterers provide mobile services for events held at any location indoors or outdoors. Buffet catering sydney, are efficient in both the types of caterings.

Couples should choose whatever menu they want-tailor made or the ones already available. The chef should be involved with the decision making process. His tips and advices should be considered. A sample of the chef’s food should be tasted by the couples to ensure that the food will be lip smacking. Chef and the planners should get in touch to know whether kitchen would be available to cook, are there any other functions scheduled for the same day?, how much time will be required by the catering staff to set up everything before the event starts.? Will sales tax or service tax be levied or all expenses are included in the package? How will be the food presentation? How will the children and guests with food allergies be catered to? Chef should know exactly how many guests are invited for the wedding so the food can be prepared accordingly.  Usually canapés, 3 course meals and evening buffets are served. This can be more expensive. Non-traditional menu is on demand these days.

Contract has to be read carefully and signed before hiring wedding caterers. Important documents like health permit, liquor license, and cancellation policy should be verified.  Two references should be provided by the caterers. These steps will help in a hassle free, fun filled wedding.

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