An efficient supply chain: the best do it!

An efficient supply chain: the best do it!

The development of the economy and ruthless competition force producers to undertake new activities to gain and maintain market advantage. What is the success of global players? Discover the three key elements of an efficient supply chain on the example of the world’s leading manufacturers logistic hong kong.

Flexibility is more important than efficiency

Maximizing supply chain efficiency seems to be the natural aspiration of entrepreneurs whose goal is to increase profits. But such narrowly understood efficiency will not increase the company’s competitive advantage in the long run. The most important pitfalls to maximize the efficiency of logistics processes are:

Lack of coordination of individual operational goals with the strategic goals of the enterprise or supply chain Conflicting strategic goals of enterprises included in the supply chain Conflict of operational interests of various departments within the enterprise threat of negative impact on the environment.

Supply chain management in the largest companies in the world that outclass the competition is characterized by flexibility. Flexibility understood as the ability to react quickly to changes in demand or supply Ensure clear and fast communication with suppliers and customers, preferably using the IT tools available for all parties, Develop relationships of ongoing cooperation with suppliers, Design your robotics technologies hong kong so as to be able to postpone individual stages of their production, Create so-called buffer resources, i.e., stocks of cheap but important components, Use a reliable system or partner providing logistics services, Work out a contingency plan in case of emergencies, i.e., problems with organizing transport during the high season.

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