Step by step guide to root canal treatment

Step by step guide to root canal treatment

Your dentist recommends that you use a root canal treatment because your teeth are badly damaged but can be stored. I don’t know what’s going to happen and I don’t like acquiring the program. You want to know exactly what happened to the root canal. Learn how to prepare for the stages.

Root canal treatment procedure

Root canal treatment is relatively straightforward. The dentist should clean the infected pulp and meet the alveoli. Patients usually need a temporary crown after treatment. Follow each step.

Transit area

The dentist must first paralyze the area. Injections are used to numb the gums and the roots of the teeth. Leave and the dentist puts the dental dam in your mouth.

Touch the roots and clean

Then the dentist drills the tooth and enters the root canal and pulp chamber. Clean the pulp chamber and root canal using dental instruments. Antibacterial and antiseptic solutions are used for cleaning and disinfection of canals.

Channel formation

Fillings should be placed in the dental root canal. First, you need to change the shape of the channel. The dentist uses small instruments to form the canal and prepares to accept the filling. After training, the canal is cleaned again.

Healing and antibiotics

The dentist can send a prescription for antibiotics to the patient’s home. The drug kills the rest of the infection. The patient also receives instructions after the treatment. It is common to feel uncomfortable a few days after treatment.

Add a crown

If the root canal is on the posterior tooth or if the tooth is clearly damaged, the patient will need to come back to get the crown. The crown is placed around the treated tooth to increase strength and stability. Permanent crowns are made to match existing teeth.

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