Great Exciting Telugu movies of all time

Telugu Drama movies online are becoming quite popular nowadays. All thanks to the growing popularity of streaming services like Aha, they are available to people all around the world. There are several reasons which make these drama movies so entertaining. 


Telugu movies are well-made and of high production value. Add good actors and an amazing set, and art is made. This article is made to highlight some of the best Telugu drama movies out there. 


1- Athadu (2005)

This story starts when a professional killer is hired for the fake assassination of a politician. But in a twisted series of events, the politician is killed, and the killer is framed. The killer must take on a dead man’s identity to save himself. It’s an exciting movie that you will enjoy. You can watch Athadu movies online on Aha. 


2- Qubool hai (2022)

This series is set in poverty in Talabkatta. A father sells his 12-year-old daughter to a rich man for money. On the other hand, a brave police officer named Bhanu decides to take down the vicious business of child Trafficking. In this process, he makes too many dark discoveries. Watch this one for an on-edge thriller. 

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3- Hero (2021)

After a barber decides to kill his ex-girlfriend, he returns back home. He thinks he is well prepared but what comes next is something he never imagined. What awaits him is a series of misadventures and unfortunate events. Tune in to find out. 


4- Malik (2022)

The story revolves around Suleiman, who wants to raise his voice against the corruption in his village. In this process, he changes as a person. He wants to make a change in society, but can’t he see himself changing? What occurs is his downfall; will he ever mend his ways? Watch this movie and find out. 


5- Maryan (2013)

A couple in love affected by a series of events go through separation. As fate plays out, Panimalar leaves Mariyan for a job in Sudan. After a few years, Panimalar returns to find Mariyan kidnapped by Sudanese terrorists. Will they meet again? Will destiny lead them to one another? Find out after you watch this movie. 


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The collection of movies listed above for Telugu Drama Movies online is fantastic, and a must-watch. You can watch excellently directed Telugu Drama movies like Athadu Movies online and even other movies on Aha. 

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Things looked at while reviewing the movie

Things looked at while reviewing the movie

The movie makers take lot of struggle to make a movie for us. When you are watching the move you can see so many moments which looks like it is very simple but each single moment has been designed special and setup in unique way. The thought which goes around in the movie maker is that how it is going to get effect the viewers. The main aim is to entertain the viewer in all the ways. Ted Farnsworth is the person who has created the opportunity to the lovers of movies to watch more movies in less cost. But did you ever thought what are essential while reviewing the movie.

Know about movie pass

  • Director: The director in movie field is like the general in army. He has to hire heads for different departments of the movie. The director has to make sure that the vision which has imagined is getting fulfilled or not. He might not be able to keep eye on each and everything but must look at overall work of the movie and measure that things works the way he has thought. Some time while shooting few things does not work according to the director expectations even though he has the best crew along with him. For example the scene shooting might not be the way the director though in that case the director might need to take to the actors, and if there is any change need in the line etc.
  • Writing: When you looking on to the story line than you should remember that complete movie falls into three type of structure that is starting, middle and end. This has to be followed so that a movie can be hit and also the viewer will understand the entire movie in sequence.
  • Cinematography: This is the creative team who convert the director vision into a movie. The photographer has to be very keen when they are selecting the camera, lenses and the lighting for the scene and place choice. While reviewing the movie they will take once and try to see what type of scene it is, and how are the lightings, and the scene does it really showing out the scene.
  • Editing: The editor gives the rhythm to the movie. He will fix the continuity of the scene and also advice the director if each scene is shoot separately what would be the experience and if two scenes are shoot together than what will be the experience.


Hope the above information will help you understand the essential break downs done in a movie.

These things in “BabuBaga Busy,” which makes you can’t wait to watch movie online

These things in “BabuBaga Busy,” which makes you can’t wait to watch movie online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Srinivas Avasarala, MistiChakraborthy, TejaswiMadiwada, Sri Mukhi, etc.

Screenplay & Direction: Naveen Medaram

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Produced by: Naveen Medaram on Abhishek Picture


The film ‘BabuBaga Busy,’ directed by newcomer Naveen Medaram and starring Srinivas Avasarala and MistiChakraborthy in the lead roles. The film is a remake of the adult comedy themed Bollywood movie ‘Hunter.’  The movie released on 5th May 2017 and got a good response from youth very much.  This movie invented a new genre that is an adult comedy, which is collecting more in Bollywood irrespective of the popular star cast. Watch this movie in aha videos.


The story of the movie is thatMadhav (Srinivas Avasarala) is a boy who has been interested in women, girls, since he was a teenager, behaves very innocently and enjoys playboy life from the school stage.  So Madhav decides to stop all this and get married because of the trouble he is having with a woman he is in a relationship with, and he is getting old enough to get married.  So he tries to seduce Radha (Misty Chakrabarty) by marrying her, hiding his past from her, and trying to stop her from marrying him.  Did Madhav, who had made such a crucial decision in his life, avoid the bad twists and turns and become a better person? What lesson did the women of his life teach him? What was his life like in the end? That is the story of this film.


Top reasons why to watch “BabuBaga Busy” movie online:

The main plus point of this film is that it is the theme chosen for the film. This storyline, which is close to reality, has succeeded in arousing interest in the film.

Srinivas Avasarala, who played the lead role in the film, impressed as an Innocent Playboy.  The dialogues written for his character, in particular, stood out as a special attraction.

Also, the scenes of some of the events that take place in the childhood life of the hero coming at the beginning of the movie seemed interesting.  Posani Krishna Murali’s comedy as an inspector in that episode was hilarious.

Some of the scenes where the hero tries to change and try to get closer to the heroine are impressive.  And the cinematography is very well done. Each frame is beautifully shown in realistic locations.

The film manages to entertain as well as visually. The cinematography is well handled.  It is clear that director Naveen Madaram, who wanted to remake the Hindi film in Telugu, did the homework well. He gave the expected entertainment perfectly by taking the theme of adult comedy content.

The music provided by Sunil Kashyap for the songs in the middle of the story is too good.  Abhishek Pictures has good production values.


Finally:  At a time when Telugu cinema audiences felt monotony with the routine commercial movie, ‘BabuBaga Busy, ’ which came with the tagline of adult comedy content, gave new to the audience.  The audience, who like very much adult comedy, this movie will definitely satisfy them.

Aha OTT platform, which is available with many best movies online.  It was exclusively providing to Telugu movies online.  Recently, Aha OTT added, “BabuBaga Busy” in their movie library.  So go to Aha OTT and get enjoyed with adult comedy now.

Easy way to learn life by the help of movies

Easy way to learn life by the help of movies

There are many youngsters who always look for downloading file for free all the time. There are multitude numbers of youngsters who stick towards online in great way. Possibly this is considered to be the most right choice all the time and all people will extend their attention at a high level. Now there are many online viewers who enhance their attention to online all the time. There are many possibilities sin watching movie at their required time period. The ultimate aim of all youngsters is to get film download instantly without any of the delay facts.But letmewatchthis will help them to avoid the time required to download the movies because they can enjoy it by the online streaming website.Additionally there will be wide people who opt for quick online view without paying any extra charges.

 Easy way to learn life

A medium that teaches life

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Best Spotify Website to Buy Plays and Streams in 2019

Best Spotify Website to Buy Plays and Streams in 2019

Spotistar: Online Streaming Website

 Whether you want to stream music or watch the best videos, a reliable and safe website is essential to gain hassle-free experience. Similarly to buy plays and streams on Spotify is not a cup of tea for all! To get noticeable online, it required a considerable fan following to deliver the desired number of plays, all possible with promotions. Visit the site of has been offering the best services to its clients for more than eight years and helped them access Spotify promotion as millions of customers got satisfied to achieve plays through this fantastic platform. It is the best way to connect with millions of users online who love to stream new music and holds accounts that can be used to stay connected with the rest of the world using multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Once you buy plays from your new streaming videos and games, it delivers tracks that help you gain revenue and popularity. Feel free to contact their CS team via phone and email.

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When releasing new music it should have a label that is easy to notify who is the singer and what kind of plays are hit to get added in the playlist. Thus access this website fresher’s require a lot of effort and time to create outstanding music that delivers desired sports and streams to make anyone accessible overnight and play the game with promotion campaigns.


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People prefer to watch online TV

People prefer to watch online TV

Are you aware of the term called online TV? This is the commonly TV preferred almost by all people in nowadays. Once upon a time, we could find TV for an entertainment purpose. The TV has introduced the radio, before the creation of TV; people want to hear only music. But after the creation of TV, many programs have telecasted and the government starts collecting money from the people to watch the TV programs and the TV series. Later, after the creation of the World Wide Web, people start browsing the web for a variety of things.

In order to improve the expectation of the people and to provide many advantages for its users, the online TV has introduced. The major motive to start such kinds of service would be to watch series online in

You will find the movies or shows on demand feature in nowadays. What this signifies is that in case you happen to miss one of your favorite apps, you can watch it entirely with the demand feature. You easily look up the app which you want to see from the database of the stations and find whatever application, you missed and would like to watch.

The Online TV series helps the majority of the homemakers to watch their programs that are missed. The main benefit of using such kinds of online TV software is that no one wants to miss at least one TV series with this because every TV series will uploaded Online and everyone can watch to this easily with no delay.

Download TV Series – Family Business

Download TV Series – Family Business

Last night was a slow night at home. We look for something to watch for half an hour, jumping from station to station in the moor, which is our digital cable. Finally, I noticed The Red Green Show on our channel. Delighted, I clicked on the station just to see the final credits. Such a scenario used to disappoint me a lot, but now I’m just downloading TV. I just turn on my computer and download the series I want to watch. Best of all, I can download TV shows anytime, anytime, day or night.

solarmovieSecret to download TV shows

I discovered the secret to download TV shows when I got pregnant last year. My husband and I watched games from our favorite comedies at night. After a long day at work and driving home in my car, all I wanted to do after dinner was to sit on the couch with him and relax. He would choose one episode for us to watch, and then he will choose the next one. I watched his seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then watched some of my episodes of Sex and the City. But I soon became addicted to Buffy. When we reach the end of the season, I will hold my breath and wait until our next trip to the video store to discover how next season will recover from climbing at the end of each DVD set. To have more display options, we started buying used box sets from different sites, but sometimes they appeared damaged or scratched. Of course, we didn’t want to pay the full price for them at the local store. Then, we discover a different method. We started downloading TV shows.

That was cool!

The great load of the television programs allowed us to obtain almost any program that we wanted, at any time, that was ideal for those sleepless nights in the last quarter. Television downloads never skip discs, we had no rents returned and there were never late payments.

At the end of my pregnancy, my television programs from solarmovie1 included the second season of House, which I kept on my laptop to take me to the hospital when I was ready to give birth to my son. After twenty hours of work, it was very nice to relax with my dear doctor.

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