Spotify has over hundreds of millions of music fans around the world. It is a great platform to grow your audience. You can start by joining Spotify for Artists. This will allow you to promote your music, dig into listener stats, and share your story. Your images will also reflect your latest look.


You should submit your new song two weeks before its release. This will give you a lot of benefits. Spotify will include it to the Release Radar playlist of your followers. Spotify will also include it in a tool exclusive to our editorial team. They can filter through this and pick songs for their playlists.


  • Design resources

You can use the branding of Spotify to let your fans know your music is available on Spotify. It is better to include Spotify’s logo in your own visual designs. It will help you create your own visual identity.

  • Embeddable players

You can include a short piece of code on any website to embed the Spotify player. It will generate a quick and easy music player. This will allow your fans to find and listen to your music outside the Spotify app. You have nothing to worry about because you still get paid for the streams. Embedding a follow button on your site will turn listeners into followers.

  • Social media

Sharing your music on social media is now easier. You can copy the link of your song, album, or playlist and share it on your Facebook account. Sharing the link of your Spotify song on Twitter will create a custom, playable audio card. You can use Instagram to share Spotify albums, tracks, and artists. Or even playlists. Instagram posts can link to the Spotify app.


Audio campaigns on Spotify take only a few minutes to create and manage. You can use this to promote a new release or upcoming concert. Spotify Ad Studio is easy to use. Share a script and pick a background track. Then you will receive a fully-produced audio ad with a recorded voiceover. Make sure to review it and ensure you have all the correct information.

You can visit Spotistar if you want to guarantee streams. It will also increase the number of your followers the easy way. Social media navigation is often overwhelming. It is important to know social media tips and tricks for Spotify. Check out various blog posts to learn more about promoting your music.

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