Easy Guides for Reversing Boost in Modern Warfare

Easy Guides for Reversing Boost in Modern Warfare

While skill-based matching (SBMM) in Modern Warfare tries to level the playing field, it has produced more issues than it has solved. Fortunately, there is an effective way to avoid getting matched up against people of a higher ability level. In cod modern warfare boosting, reverse boosting is what it sounds like. Instead of doing everything you can to improve your team’s firepower, you tank the game and do as little as possible to avoid dying. Everything you need to know about reversing boost in Modern Warfare 2 is right here:

  1. You may wonder why you would do such a thing.

Like almost every other competitive game, Modern Warfare tracks in-game skills, revealing who the greatest and worst players on each squad are as a result. In most games, these numbers are largely meaningless, used only to keep track of or bolster the ego of the top player.

cod modern warfare boosting

  1. Matchmaking in Modern Warfare is based on skill.

It means that factors like the kill/death ratio are important, allowing for reverse boosting. While we don’t recommend it, the only way to reverse boost is to die as many times as physically possible without getting any kills. You will be placed in an easier game the next time around if you do so. If you have a K/D of 0.4 at the end of the game, the next lobby of players will have the same average. Keep in mind that, in the past, reverse boosting has been a problem in the series, so it’s conceivable you’ll be reported for it.

  1. Obtain a low K/D ratio.

Furthermore, to reverse boost in Modern Warfare, you have to achieve a low K/D. It places you in a lobby with people of comparable skill levels for the next game. That’s everything there is to it as far as reversing boost in Modern Warfare. Still seeking more Modern Warfare advice? Check out our ever-growing Modern Warfare wiki for more information.

  1. Create classes rather than load-outs.

Given the huge range of maps, modes, and game types available in cod Modern Warfare boosting as well as the fact that you may adjust your loadouts on the fly you should consider creating specialized classes rather than a jumble of slightly different variations on your favorite load-outs. It is especially handy when switching between modes like Ground War, which requires a greater focus on anti-air weapons and mid-to-long range guns, and more intimate modes like Realism or 20-man TDM.

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