Great Exciting Telugu movies of all time

Telugu Drama movies online are becoming quite popular nowadays. All thanks to the growing popularity of streaming services like Aha, they are available to people all around the world. There are several reasons which make these drama movies so entertaining. 


Telugu movies are well-made and of high production value. Add good actors and an amazing set, and art is made. This article is made to highlight some of the best Telugu drama movies out there. 


1- Athadu (2005)

This story starts when a professional killer is hired for the fake assassination of a politician. But in a twisted series of events, the politician is killed, and the killer is framed. The killer must take on a dead man’s identity to save himself. It’s an exciting movie that you will enjoy. You can watch Athadu movies online on Aha. 


2- Qubool hai (2022)

This series is set in poverty in Talabkatta. A father sells his 12-year-old daughter to a rich man for money. On the other hand, a brave police officer named Bhanu decides to take down the vicious business of child Trafficking. In this process, he makes too many dark discoveries. Watch this one for an on-edge thriller. 

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3- Hero (2021)

After a barber decides to kill his ex-girlfriend, he returns back home. He thinks he is well prepared but what comes next is something he never imagined. What awaits him is a series of misadventures and unfortunate events. Tune in to find out. 


4- Malik (2022)

The story revolves around Suleiman, who wants to raise his voice against the corruption in his village. In this process, he changes as a person. He wants to make a change in society, but can’t he see himself changing? What occurs is his downfall; will he ever mend his ways? Watch this movie and find out. 


5- Maryan (2013)

A couple in love affected by a series of events go through separation. As fate plays out, Panimalar leaves Mariyan for a job in Sudan. After a few years, Panimalar returns to find Mariyan kidnapped by Sudanese terrorists. Will they meet again? Will destiny lead them to one another? Find out after you watch this movie. 


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The collection of movies listed above for Telugu Drama Movies online is fantastic, and a must-watch. You can watch excellently directed Telugu Drama movies like Athadu Movies online and even other movies on Aha. 

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