Things looked at while reviewing the movie

Things looked at while reviewing the movie

The movie makers take lot of struggle to make a movie for us. When you are watching the move you can see so many moments which looks like it is very simple but each single moment has been designed special and setup in unique way. The thought which goes around in the movie maker is that how it is going to get effect the viewers. The main aim is to entertain the viewer in all the ways. Ted Farnsworth is the person who has created the opportunity to the lovers of movies to watch more movies in less cost. But did you ever thought what are essential while reviewing the movie.

Know about movie pass

  • Director: The director in movie field is like the general in army. He has to hire heads for different departments of the movie. The director has to make sure that the vision which has imagined is getting fulfilled or not. He might not be able to keep eye on each and everything but must look at overall work of the movie and measure that things works the way he has thought. Some time while shooting few things does not work according to the director expectations even though he has the best crew along with him. For example the scene shooting might not be the way the director though in that case the director might need to take to the actors, and if there is any change need in the line etc.
  • Writing: When you looking on to the story line than you should remember that complete movie falls into three type of structure that is starting, middle and end. This has to be followed so that a movie can be hit and also the viewer will understand the entire movie in sequence.
  • Cinematography: This is the creative team who convert the director vision into a movie. The photographer has to be very keen when they are selecting the camera, lenses and the lighting for the scene and place choice. While reviewing the movie they will take once and try to see what type of scene it is, and how are the lightings, and the scene does it really showing out the scene.
  • Editing: The editor gives the rhythm to the movie. He will fix the continuity of the scene and also advice the director if each scene is shoot separately what would be the experience and if two scenes are shoot together than what will be the experience.


Hope the above information will help you understand the essential break downs done in a movie.

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