Why Do You Need To Invest In A Residential Proxy

Why Do You Need To Invest In A Residential Proxy

Talking about residential IP and proxies, residential IP is the IP address linked with all the devices that are used in one home. Whereas residential proxy means that it has a list of IP addresses that are least from the internet service provider. This is basically used for commercial purposes. Rotating residential proxies are the server that shows a new IP address to each and every connected device and that keeps on changing. This means for each request that you make on the internet will change your IP address.

There are a lot of rotating residential proxies available for free but it is suggested to buy yourself a premium plan from a trusted proxy provider. When you use rotating residential proxies you get benefits such as:

  • Avoid the rate of bandwidth when you have a rotating IP address.
  • The rotating server provides the IP address from other sites that makes the user’s location and identity protected.
  • Which increases the security of the system by protecting it from any kind of hacking.
  • As IP addresses constantly changing the proxy can prevent the website from getting banned due to any reason.
  • The IP address of the rotating residential proxy is bagged and it looks like a regular visitor is surfing on the internet and which makes it harder for the attacker to detect.
  • You are not restricted to visit only a few sites but you can visit all the websites on the internet without any location constraint.

rotating residential proxies

What are the drawbacks of residential proxies?

Apart from all the benefits rotating residential proxies have there are a few drawbacks too.

  • The cost is a bit higher than expected.
  • Because of the device location and internet connectivity, the speed of the internet can be sometimes is slower.
  • If you have chosen a less amount of IPS then the proxy count will be low, so choose accordingly.

Using rotating proxies is very easy you have to connect your device and use a proxy rotator. For this, you need to have a good command of programming languages.But if you don’t know the programming languages you can always hire a proxy service provider. Most people usually choose the plans that are suitable for them.

In times where your data is not even safe on social media, you must get a rotating residential proxy. Because of its numerous advantages, it will be useful.

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