A Quick Review On Singapore Child Maintenance Law

A Quick Review On Singapore Child Maintenance Law

According to Singapore child maintenance law, as long as one is a parent of a child under the age of 21, one must help the child to feed their children. This is because each parent has a legitimate obligation to care for the child until the individual turns 21. That obligation exists whether one and the life partner are still connected or not, or whether the child is genuine. This obligation exists regardless of whether one spouse has remarried. The court can provide Singapore child maintenance law as a monthly reward or a lump sum.

Who Can Apply For Child Maintenance

If the child is under 21, one can apply for child maintenance, as long as one is the child’s custodian or have true guardianship. The child’s relatives can also apply if they are 21 or older. If the child is 21 years of age or older, the person must apply for maintenance without anybody else. The person applying for alimony from his life partner must demonstrate that the child cannot stand alone and that his partner has neglected or would not give a reasonable pension to the person in question.

Child Maintenance Request As A Feature Of Separation Procedures

In the remote chance that one is requesting child maintenance as a component of the path to separating from the partner, the child maintenance request will be heard during the hearing of subordinate issues along with other ancillary issues, for example, the marriage division Resources.

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