The Various Species Found In the Amazon Rainforest

The Various Species Found In the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most popular rainforests on earth today and it is the natural home to many plants, animals and humans; yes, up to 400 different tribes of Indians live in the Amazon Rainforest, which translates to about a million humans. All the resident tribes in the Amazon Rainforest are Indians.

The Amazon Rainforest has its fair share of wildlife and studies show that the rainforest is home to about a tenth of the total population of wild animals on earth today!  These animals include all animal species, like mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and so on.

Studies show that a third of all the bird species on earth can be found in the Amazon Rainforest.  In fact, the symbol of the Amazon is that of a bird called toucan; the toucan is a neotropical frugivorous bird belonging to the Ramphastidae family and the bird is distinguished by its colorful beak.  Findings have it that he bird is the loudest of all the birds living in the Amazon Rainforest and its call can be head within a half a mile distance.

Norman AschThe Anaconda is one of the most notorious of all the reptiles on earth today and it resides in the Amazon Rainforest; it is one of the 300 species of reptiles that have made the Amazon their home from time immemorial.

Aside from the Anaconda, the Amazon Rainforest also accommodates several other dangerous creatures, like the Jaguar, Brazilian Wandering Spider and the Poison Dart Frog.  You can get more information about the Amazon Rainforest by visiting Asch page at

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