Is it profitable to study dentistry

Is it profitable to study dentistry

How much does a dentist earn? – This is one of the first questions to be answered by future dental students. Earnings of dentists are difficult to examine because most of the revenue comes from business operations. Full-time salaries are only a small portion of dentists’ earnings. Usually, apart from a full-time job, the dentist also has his own practice, or works in several offices, settling on contractual terms. The dentist’s full-time earnings are not always higher than those of employees in other public sectors like Deerfield Dentistry  However, actual earnings are not reported anywhere. Considering this direction, it is worth considering not only pay but also prospects – unemployment among dental graduates is virtually zero.

Dentistry – subjects at the final exam

Preparation for the dental profession must be started at the high school stage. The chances of getting to dental studies depend on the results of the final exams. Chemistry and biology matter most, of course, at an extended level. The requirements are very high – you need to get approx. 80% of the points in both of these subjects of Deerfield Dentistry  Some universities also take into account the results of the baccalaureate in chemistry and physics, so you must check the requirements of each university before attempting to get into college. Students who have not obtained sufficiently high results remain paid studies – the price for a year of such studies is an expense of 35,000. zł.

Deerfield Dentistry

How do you get the right to be a dentist?

In addition to studying the future dentist, a paid one-year internship is required, for which he can receive a salary of approximately PLN 1,000. During the internship, the candidate for a dentist has a limited right to practice. The internship ends with a state exam, which takes the form of a written test of 200 questions. The scope of these questions includes issues from the study program and the internship program. Only after passing this exam can you apply for the right to practice in the Regional Medical Chamber.

The work of a dentist

The dentist must not only have extensive medical knowledge but also demonstrate the ability to deal with people who are under stress during visits to the dentist and often also very severe pain. He must be patient and gentle so that patients come back to him willingly. Manual skills are also of great importance. The dentist should be precise because of such a small area; it is very easy to make a mistake and cause pain to the patient unnecessarily.

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