AFON: a leading Oracle-Netsuite partner providing better and smarter solutions for your business

AFON: a leading Oracle-Netsuite partner providing better and smarter solutions for your business

Cloud ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning software that operates on a provider’s cloud platform rather than on the location of a company’s own data center. There are a lot of providers in the market offering cloud ERP solutions to businesses.

AFON is one of the leading Oracle cloud solutions partners in Singapore providing the world’s most deployed true cloud ERP system called NetSuite that is particularly designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps businesses to run their back-office and financial processes smarter and better. AFON has deployed its cloud computing platform across several countries in different industries including professional services and technology.

Why NetSuite is the best choice?

New functionalities can be added easily as per the requirements in the businesses in the Netsuite ERP which is owned by Oracle, the second-largest ERP brand in the current market.

As NetSuite is specifically designed for a cloud computing platform, it gives the business superior security, easy integration, and has more functionality.

It will accelerate your financial management and provides you business insights faster being stayed in a certain place.

Can automate the company accounting process and also can simplify the complex intercompany transactions including consolidations and elimination.

It can provide fast and accurate information on budgeting and forecasting.

It can improve the speed of order management including pricing, ordering, billing, and returns with great accuracy.

Helpful in finding the best vendors and can automate the procure-to-pay process

Provide optimized solutions for supply chain management includes demand planning, procurement and vendor management, and other supporting services like warranty registration and case tracking.

It can provide clear and easy-to-trace information of inbound and outbound shipments and inventory. It reduces the cost of warehouse implementation with its advanced warehouse management system functionality.

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