Spirited Away – an overview

Spirited Away – an overview

There are endless numbers of animation movies in many different genres. However, the attention towards the spirit movies is always higher when compared to the animation movies which fall under other genres. One of the most famous animation films which involve the story of a spirit is Spirited Away. This animation film is about a faceless spirit called Kaonashi. The organs of this spirit will be visible and overall it can be said that its appearance will be similar to that of a black long tube. The spirit can also develop its arms and legs at times of needs. And because of it the footprints will be left behind when he walks.


The personality of this lonely spirit is considered to be highly interesting. This spirit tends to follow another character in the movie which is named as Chihiro. The spirit gets impressed with the sincerity of this girl and follows her all the way. This character was also considered to be true to No face. And because of this No face gets obsessed and always preferred to see her all the time. She also accepts him to be a company in the train ride. In all the way No face accepted all the orders of Chihiro and behaved according to her order. At the end No face meets Zeniba. She is a witch who was working alone to run her bathhouse. Finally No face gets satisfied in living in her tiny society and agrees to stay with her by accepting all her conditions.

Highest grossing anime film

The most important fact about this movie is this is one of the highest grossing anime films. This was also ranked second in this grossing list. Even though No face had no great appearance it has impressed the audience to a greater extent. This is the reason why the attention towards kaonashi accessories is always higher in the market. People who are in need of products which influence this anime character can hire the best online store. In these stores they can also get customized anime products according to their needs.

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