SAPS and the Great Benefits of Online Supervision

SAPS and the Great Benefits of Online Supervision

Monitoring is an important task for parents to their children. Also, teachers should be responsible enough for monitoring their students as well. When it comes to supervision, basically, a child’s performance is greatly affected. With this, the Malaysian government has created something to help busy parents manage their children’s school performance through online access.

SAPS or School Examination Analysis System is an online database where schools all over Malaysia are assisted. What the system does is it shares data and information regarding the student’s school performance to their parents or guardians.

What is the main purpose of SAPS?

The main purpose of Saps ibu bapa is to facilitate parties in making operative analysis in the country’s educational system. This doesn’t only work with the strengths of students but with their weaknesses as well. The system offers a huge collection of data inquiry to comprehend a student’s conduct.

SAPS greatly analyze the Take of Value, Actual Result, and Expected Target Result of students’ exams. Aside from that, the site shows all the latest examination results taken by students at all levels. This outstandingly helps parents monitor their children’s attainment and even can see how things are made more efficient.

Are exams really beneficial?

Exams are beneficial even if some students hate it. But exam scores should never be the basis of how good a student is. In fact, getting good grades should not be the goal but the learning that acquired from subjects. But even if exams are not the basis of knowing how good a student is in class, still, it should be taken. It’s just that, examinations are extreme measures to know the progress of a child.

Because, somehow, exams has become a competition to some students, this is when teachers act new ways. They help their students realize what the vision of learning truly is. Learning doesn’t only happen inside the four-walled classroom but outside of it as well.

What are the advantages of online supervision?

Parents always want to provide good education to their kids. They do everything just to bring their children to school. But because they already find it extremely difficult to monitor their child’s school performance, SAPS then begin providing first-rate services. Parents are extremely thankful for how the site functions as monitoring their children is already done much easier.

SAPS is one of the great initiatives of the GTP or Government Transformation Program. It ensures the quality of education irrespective of race, income, or religion. SAPS, in being inclined to the School Performance Development Program under NKRA, focuses prominently in the enhancement of the procedures trailed by the school management. It also helps in increasing both numeracy and literacy levels of learners. When it comes to upgrading the skills of teachers, this also works rightly as well.

It is not only the parents and teachers who are given advantages to this system but the school principal as well. Principals in around 10,000 Malaysian schools can also access the site. SAPS Parents provides massive help to these professionals to keep their performance target on top. Also, it assists them in taking school urgencies to enhance and cultivate their action plans.

The best education is not seen with how high a student’s grade is but with how he is molded into a better human being. It’s best to have individuals who have positive attitudes.


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