How do I get tan free skin?

How do I get tan free skin?

As we all know that everyone wants a glowing, rich, and tan free skin. But it isn’t easy as it seems difficult because due to constant exposure to the sun. We have a lot of work outside, and these all are important for us to complete. We can’t skip those works due to the fear of tanning. So we are bringing an amazing product to help you. Its name is Melanotan II. In this article, we are giving you more information about melanotan ii dosage. So let’s get started:

Basically, the Melanotan II dosage is of about three categories, and now we are going to describe it more.

  • Starting dose:

When you initially start this treatment then you must have to start with a dose of about 0.3 mg. And after taking it, keep observing the reactions of your body. If you feel a warming sensation along with a flush and mild nausea. Then don’t worry, these effects are normal for everyone. We recommend you to take your doses at night before going to sleep. So you don’t feel discomfort and distraction during the day. And all those reactions take place when you are unconscious and are in bed. And when the treatment progresses then the side effects gradually disappear.

melanotan ii dosage

  • Loading dose:

If you want quick results then you have to go with a loading dose. It includes some MT2 injections and some more dosage of MT2. The standard unit of the loading dose is 0.5 mg. And take this dose until you get your desired tone. The dosage may be varied by depending upon the skin color, body type, and weight, etc.

  • Maintenance dose:

Once you have achieved the skin tone that you desired for then you have to move on to maintenance dose of MT2. But there is one thing you must have to keep in kind is that there is not any standard unit for dose.  It’s variable for everyone according to their skin color, weight, and body, etc. To get the actual dose of maintenance you must have to consult with a doctor or skin specialist.

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