Colored Up Your Nails: Be On Style

Colored Up Your Nails: Be On Style

If your hair is the extension of yourself, so as with the nails.  Nail polish exists right from the start, which is loved by most girls. To have polished nails can make it look neat and clean. Also, it makes a person look clean when having manicure. Most girls of today pamper themselves by going to a nail salon. For them, it is their way of rewarding oneself. By making their nails look good and pretty, nail polish must be applied. Nail polish comes in different colors. It depends on your preference for what color to apply to the nails. However, as the years passed by, nail polish gets out of date.

Welcome the semi-permanent enamel

With the evolution of advanced technology, the LED or UV lamp was invented. LED or UV lamp has been a big part of a manicure. It may sound funny but many girls have bought color gels for their nails and end up failing on the application. Why? They simply applied the enamel on the nails and wait to dry up, which will never happen. Even the gel or enamel stays for hours on the nails, still, it never dried up. It only gets dried once using the UV or LED lamp. Gels and Esmaltadosemipermanente glitter on the nails can give a shiny and shimmering look.

semi-permanent manicure

Spend less with semi-permanent manicure

Girls must know that there is now a solution to not spending too much in a nail salon. You don’t need to go to a salon weekly. You can spend less on semi-permanent enamels. Good news, girls don’t need to hop in their car to go to a nail salon. No need to rush because you can have quality time with enameled nails. Now, what is all about this semi-permanent polish? It is best to describe that the nails are enameled with it. Esmaltadosemipermanente nails create a long-lasting elegance to the person wearing it. It doesn’t only give a natural look, but an ideal answer for those passionate about decorating the nails.  There are various advantages of using semi-permanent enamel, check this out:

Appearance. The look of a semi-permanent manicure is more nice-looking than the traditional polish. It makes the nails brighter and keeps the color intact. It is a type of manicure that is versatile – polishes like iron shine, glow-in-the-dark, temp colors, and many more.

Drying. Using the LED or UV light, drying or curing the semi-permanent enamel is done. No need to wait for minutes to dry the nail polish like in traditional manicure.

Long-lasting. Semi-permanent enamel lasts long, within how many days.

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