Hashish: A Cannabis Extract With Many Usage

Hashish: A Cannabis Extract With Many Usage

Cannabis is known as a medicinal or herbal plant. It is prohibited in some countries, yet allowed in some other states. Cannabis plants contained hundreds of useful compounds that can be used in the production of edible and medicinal products. Cannabis produces different extracts, including hash. Hashish is the waxy product formed from the compacted and concentrated cannabis trichomes into a solid block.

The hash contained plenty of terpenes and a small amount of the plant material. Many cannabis users simply smoke it in a bong or pipe. Others roll the hashish in a sausage-like form and lay it in to supercharge it. Many people take a small chunk of it to cook or placed in a vaporizer. Thousands of years from now, many people are still using this kind of cannabis extract. It can be used in cooking, which makes it edible and can be smoked too. The cannabis extract contained between 5-40 percent of THC with higher CBD levels.

Different types of hashish

Cannabis lovers should know about the different types of hashish. Hashish has aromatic taste and scent that makes it a unique treat. So, for cannabis lovers who want to buy such a product, it is easy to order online, which is easy to transport and store. Hashish has different types from different parts of the world, such as:

  • Afghani. Hashish has a brown or dark greenish inside while black on the outside. Once it is left in contact with the air, it turns grayish. It has a spicy to very spicy smell. The taste can be harsh on the throat; due to its very spicy taste. It is very soft, which is easy to fold.
  • Charas. The color and smell are similar to Afghani, but it differs in the scent as it has a distinctive aroma. It has a similar taste to Afghani, which is very spicy but in a lesser amount. For consistency, it is very soft compared to Afghani. But, it is sometimes quite powdery. Charas is often sold in a finger or sausage-shaped piece.
  • Kashmiri. Color is the same with Charas and Afghani but with white lines. It has an aromatic and very spicy smell with no harshness on the throat. The resin content is less compared to Afghani. The availability of this type of hashish is very rare.

All these types are just a few of the good hashish present today. So, cannabis lovers must ready their budget with this finest cannabis extract available online now.

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