Now Earn While You Play: 1 Bitcoin

Now Earn While You Play: 1 Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that can be sent over the Internet. The advantage they have over the traditional currency is that they are directly transferred from one person to the other via the Internet without going through a bank. This implies that the fees are much lower and can be used globally. Your accounts can’t be frozen, and there are no prerequisites.

One bitcoin is equivalent to roughly $10,517 as of today, and its value is expected to rise with time.

coinbase fees

How does Bitcoin work?

Many currency exchanges offer a platform to buy and sell bitcoins for your traditional currency. Your bitcoins are kept in your digital locker on your device. Transferring bitcoins is very simple, and you can purchase anything with bitcoins- real estate, automobile, etc.

This network is secured by miners who are rewarded freshly generated 1 bitcoin for verifying a transaction.

How to earn bitcoins?

Various online gaming platforms that are awarding prize money in the form of bitcoins. All you need to do is find such a website that can be trusted, sign up on that platform and play games. Some sites also offer bitcoins worth a certain amount on simply signing up. Such sites also offer a bitcoin savings account that awards daily interest. They even have a weekly lottery where you can win big. They also offer a handsome percentage of referral commissions for your lifetime.


Investing and trading in cryptocurrency is the latest trend and has many benefits to it. Supported by Blockchain technology, Bitcoin is the world’s safest form of digital currency.

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