Get all your answers about merchant chargeback protection

Get all your answers about merchant chargeback protection

With the help of merchant chargeback protection, you can establish it as a defence for your business from the unpredictability of all kinds of conflicts. If you ever face a fraudulent case in your business the disputed amount would be covered by them and most importantly you don’t have to submit any evidence for that.

The merchant chargeback protection just costs 0.4% for each transaction. To block fraud as well as for the prevention of disputes a stripe radar machine is used. For making the real-time assessments of the risk as well as for optimisation of checkout flows behavioural information is combined with the potential of the stripe network.

What are some of its advantages?

Some of the advantages are as follows:-

#1. Avoid losing money on conflicts

You would be able to protect your sale against any kind of fraud conflicts with the help of chargeback protection. Irrespective of the legitimacy of the dispute the disputed amount is reimbursed.

merchant chargeback protection

#2. No issue of evidence submission

Fighting a conflict can sometimes consume plenty of hours to go through numerous records for finding the correct evidence. With the help of chargeback protection, the fear of worrying about evidence would be eliminated.

#3. Protection for all kinds of business

It is designed in such a way so that it is suitable for all types of business. It also provides full coverage to online sales for not only physical but also digital products. It works on all the transactions irrespective of the size and it could be purchased from anywhere worldwide.

What is the need for merchant chargeback protection?

There is a different kind of technology since it’s a huge growing market with updated technologies as well as processed merchants for the prevention of chargebacks.

One of the ways is addressing chargebacks through addressing the entire procedure before a card is billed by the merchant. At the pre-authorization stage, you can put effort into making sure that the particular transaction is legit. Most of the solutions can be acquired with the help of this.

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