The Hyundai Santa Fe Is As Versatile As It Gets

The Hyundai Santa Fe Is As Versatile As It Gets

If you are heading into the mountains, in the office or the red carpet, there is no better partner than the Hyundai Santa Fe. With its dynamic characteristics and superb style, its exceptional comfort and plenty of space will spend more time on the road its versatile Santa Fe, rain, shine, rain or snow.

From your office in your kitchen, you arrange a space for quick and easy access to everything you need. Why should your car be different? The elegant interior of theĀ 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe has been carefully designed to put every function at hand, allowing you to focus on the road. For convenience, you can expect ten different ways to adjust the driver’s seat to fit your body type.

And there is no such thing as too many add-ons2019 Hyundai Elantra

Santa Fe is proof of this. For excellent entertainment, there is a 6-disc CD changer in the dash auxiliary, MP3 and USB ports for connecting devices and remote control audio on the steering wheel. In addition, you only need to press a button to block and unlock the doors and trunk from a distance, start or stop the car engine. Santa Fe is also equipped with a practical cooling unit for your drinks and a fully automatic air conditioner for driver and passenger comfort and security? This is done through a selection of additional features, including airbags, deformation zones, ABS, ESP, tilting of brake control and a rollover sensor.


The Santa Fe 4WD series consists of two models with all the characteristics, spacious 5 seater and even more spacious 7-seater. Both are powered by a dynamic 2.2L diesel engine, which pumps out 145 kW at 3,800 rpm and 436 Nm at 1,800 rpm, while having an average average fuel consumption of only 8.3 l / 100 km. The reaction of the automatic transmission 6 speed SUV allows smooth shifting.

Houston Hyundai Santa Fe has a price that goes beyond the R400k, much less than you would expect, considering how much you earn.

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