Best tablets that you can buy right now

Best tablets that you can buy right now

With the introduction of tablets a lot of things have changed and when it comes to playing video games watching videos or listening to music, etc tablets are something that has made their mark in almost every category. In this article, we will be discussing some of the Best Tablets under $100.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 – Samsung is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to technology. The brand has made its image in the market in such a way that people won’t think before buying it. This is one of the best versions of the tabs introduced by Samsung. Alongside a decent camera quality, it comes with a quad core processor. Along with a good storage unit, this tab comes with a removable storage unit and the memory can be extended up to 200GB.

camera quality

Fire & tabloid:

This is one of the one of the finest tablets out there and falls under the bracket of $100. It has a decent display size and the color combination on this tablet is also quite amazing. You will surely not be disappointed with what this tabloid has to offer. It is considered as a next generation tab and because of the light weight; it can be carried in different places as well.

The Asus Zenpad 7:

Along with a good RAM, this device comes with a brilliant processor and alongside the great looks; this is one of the cheapest tabs out there. People have been purchasing this tab recently and because of the big screen size, it is ideal for watching movies and all. This is one of the best tablets under $100.

The NuVision Full HD tablet:

When it comes to tablets, you cannot just ignore this beautiful product. It comes with all the benefits that you can ask from a smart device. The HD picture quality is something which makes it even more appealing. The internal storage of this device is something which makes it ideal for the perfect portable entertainment device for you. With the latest android update it falls under one of the smartest tablets out there.

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