Use Proxy Server And Stay Anonymous

Use Proxy Server And Stay Anonymous

By using proxy server you can stay anonymous on your computer network. This means that proxy server you use won’t reveal your Internet Protocol or IP address. Through the proxy server, client makes the indirect contact with many other services available on the network. User connects with that server and then server requests for the particular file or page present on a network. But, it isn’t recommended to use the proxy as other PC’s on a network will connect to your computer only through IP address. However, in some cases, where you hide your identity or want to save the system from any type of hacker attack, proxy server is used. There’re many ways by which the proxy will be achieved to stay anonymous of the network.


 How It Works?

When using the website proxy server, you have to enter a URL that you would like to visit in space given on your proxy website. This proxy website sends request for a page further to source server and displays back its results onto your screen. This kind of server doesn’t identify itself as the proxy server & your IP address isn’t revealed. The website proxy servers will filter this information displayed on a web page where the inappropriate content like java-scripts, ads and other things don’t run on a web page. So, some servers might come with the price tag whereas others would be completely free. You will find them on internet. So, you can easily use hideme of your IP address by using this kind of server.

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