Superfoods for Sleep: What to Eat More of

Superfoods for Sleep: What to Eat More of

In today’s modern world, it is important one gets the right nutrients to face pollution and other environmental factors that affect our health.  Our body and our brain are bombarded with different chemicals from the environment on a daily basis, and eating the right things could go a long way in keeping yourself healthy and strong.  More and more people are trying out superfoods, which are basically food that is packed with different kinds of vitamins and minerals that help the body and brain function properly and prevent diseases and infection.  Some superfoods are even known to have anti-aging properties, and there is a growing religion of health enthusiasts who swear by its beautifying effects.

Superfoods can be found anywhere, and doctors recommend that people eat more of these superfoods especially if their diet consists mainly of fast food and other unhealthy dishes.  Incorporating superfoods in your diet could have a lot of beneficial effects, and if you are wondering what these types of food are, here are some of the most common superfoods you should be adding to your daily food intake.

  1. Don’t forget about beans

Beans are one of the most common super foods available.  Beans are highly packed with protein, fiber, and potassium.  They help maintain a healthy digestive track and facilitating body movement, as well as providing the body with muscle building protein needed to fight muscle degradation.  Beans should be incorporated in a person’s diet at least once a day; you can add it to your pasta or sandwich to give it a healthy boost.

  1. Eat broccoli

Broccoli may not be so famous with the kids, but this super food has a lot of nutrients that can help a growing body achieve optimal development. It is also rich in vitamin C which can fight off infections, and of course lots of fiber that help in cleansing the digestive track.  If your kid doesn’t like the taste, just add melted cheese on top of broccoli which is a good way to balance the flavor, making it more palatable.

  1. Garlic is your saviour.

Garlic is actually a spice, but this super spice is considered a super food because of its numerous therapeutic properties that not only help fight infection, but fight bad cholesterol as well.  Garlic has anti-inflammatory effects which can help alleviate swelling caused by certain infections.  Couple that with strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, then, you get a super food which can be added to different kinds of dishes every day.

  1. Berries have got to be everybody’s super food.

All berries are rich in anti-oxidants that and fiber, and are known to be cancer fighting foods.  These anti oxidants not only slow the visible signs of ageing but also promote healthy collagen production for our skin.  The best way to enjoy berries during breakfast, add them liberally on your whole wheat cereal to get a really delicious and ultra-healthy morning boost.

  1. Eat avocadoes

Avocadoes are considered to be one of the most densely-packed foods when it comes to vitamins.  High in vitamin E, potassium and fiber, this super food is very effective in keeping wrinkles out of your face.  It is also the favorite fruit for smoothies for athletes because it’s packed with healthy calories which can help increase their performance level without increasing their belt size.  Super healthy and packed with energy, avocadoes are slowly gaining popularity as one of the most healthy super foods available.

  1. Yogurt is one of the most popular superfoods ever.

Maybe because it’s almost like ice-cream, yogurt is packed with Zinc, b-vitamins, and calcium.  Daily servings can help prevent bone density loss, especially for elderly people.  And because it’s healthy for the teeth and bones, eating yogurt is something dentists recommend people should eat more of.  Daily doses of calcium can also prevent osteoporosis when we get older.

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