Smoking Weed – How To Get Baked

Smoking Weed – How To Get Baked

Smoking marijuana is a common way to get baked. It doesn’t have the same effect as some harder drugs like cocaine, but it can make you feel relaxed and more in tune with your surroundings.

It’s interesting that smoking weed has become a legally acceptable activity everywhere, while drinking alcohol is still not allowed in certain places.

The effects on how to get baked are much milder than those you get from alcohol. There’s no hangover to deal with, and you can come down from it much faster.

Getting High

The most important thing when it comes to smoking weed is the right amount. Smoking too much will make you feel paranoid, anxious and start rolling. The THC content in weed is highest in the leaves and lower in the stems, so it’s better to buy rolled joints like a joint or a sploof instead of rolling them yourself. Rolled joints have higher amounts of THC than a sploof, but if you want to use pipe tobacco it’s best to roll your own sploofs (see Step #4 below).

Smoking Weed - How To Get Baked


You can also buy weed pre-ground, but grinding it yourself can produce more THC. Grinders are very easy to find at local smoke shops or even Walmart (check the pill section for grinders). The best is a metal grinder, but you can use a high-quality plastic one as well, although it might not be nearly as durable. Just make sure you clean it good when you’re finished grinding up your marijuana.

Dealing with Anxiety and Paranoia

Don’t worry too much if you get anxious or paranoid while smoking weed. This happens quite often to newbies and experienced stoners alike. Anxiety usually comes from the learning process and the heart rate increase, so don’t worry if you feel anxious or paranoid. The best way to handle this is by drinking a lot of water and increasing your heart rate to get rid of it. Some users find anxiety pills or anti-anxiety meds useful as well, but make sure that you take them in moderation as they can lead to some nasty side effects like bad headaches and confusion.

How to Make a Sploof

To make a sploof you can either buy one premade, or roll your own. The original sploof is made from a piece of cardboard (some people use wrapping paper, but that can be a lot harder to work with and it’s quite expensive), a lighter and some weed. It gets smoked like a cigarette and the smoke passes through the cardboard, so it will be warm and more potent.

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