Shirt Trend – Oversized & Buttoned

Shirt Trend – Oversized & Buttoned

Large buttons are not a new concept, but this season both designers and buyers were delighted with this idea.

Women of fashion

Most fashion stores, such as Urban Outfitters and H & M, look like a big shirt or a shirt with an inspirational dress. Alternatively, choose the cheapest route and storm the men’s lockers in your life.


Finding these parts should be relatively easy, but often difficult to design. Use the look with a heavy hand, and you are probably one step away from a hot disaster. The first problem is the length. If you are going to wear a dress, it should fall almost in the middle of the knee. If you prefer a big look shirt, you need thin/sharp pants or leggings, and you want the length to cover a good six inches off the hips. Imagine a mini skirt. The length should go at least that far. You can go a little further, depending on the shape of the pants and their proportions.

The second theme is silhouette. The large volume of a large shirt often needs to be balanced by adjusting the waist with a belt. Pay attention – remove thick and wide belts. They not only often dominate, but were killed to death! New belts are thin and breath of air. Just look at the belt on the first image.

Let’s talk about accessories. If you do not have a belt or you wear a belt that blends well with the color of your oversized shirt fashion, a necklace with gold or silver chains would be a great addition. Also, bracelets will work with almost any top. Just keep your color palette under control. To complete the look, put on a pair of heels or wedges. As a special touch, the right full skirt can have an extra blow when worn under the top … just pay close attention to the proportions.


It’s true. Boys are often easier than girls. If you do not have the money to pay Henrik Vibskov’s prices, I recommend that you measure one or two sizes. Any flannel will work. It is so simple. Now the fun part: finish your look! My advice on style number one is a balance. If you’re going to make the size too big, you’ll need tight jeans.

To complete the look, stratification is encouraged. The more layers you can achieve, without looking and not feeling heavy, the better. An example of an excellent and light layer would be to leave the shirt unbuttoned and put on a shirt. At the top of the button wear a thin cotton vest with buttons; Think of a sleeveless cardigan. B. Son offers the perfect vest. To top it off, add a plain or thin scarf. When pairing multiple patterns, select a bold pattern and a thin pattern. Connect patterns with dominant color. For shoes, recommend a pair of TOMS or Converse.

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