All you need to know about the French press coffee maker

All you need to know about the French press coffee maker

If you are a coffee lover, you should also know the various aspects involving coffee. One such thing is the type of coffee maker. There are many varieties of machines available. You can visit the market And see Coffee Girl for some great machine choices.

The French press is one of the oldest types of coffee makers whose history can be traced back to 1929. This classic machine is also called a coffee press or a plunger. It is a cylindrical vessel with the top part for loading ground coffee powder and the bottom part to collect strained coffee.

  After adding coffee powder to the top, hot water is poured over it with the plunger pressing down against it. This helps collect strong coffee at the bottom. It uses coarse ground coffee powder to extract decoction. All it takes is approximately two to three minutes.

use timeless coffee maker

This portable device gives you rich, aromatic coffee and is easy to carry around as also to clean.

A French press lasts longer as it is a basic appliance without any fancy mechanism. Its working is very simple. Since this is a manual model, the chances of breakdown are very less.  You can also carry them along on a trip to have fresh coffee anytime you like. You only need access to hot water.

A French press can make about two to four cups of coffee at a time while some models can make a maximum of eight cups. This is suitable for those who need a lesser number of cups at a time. Also, this may not be feasible when you have a party at home.

In terms of cleaning, a french press is easier to clean. It is only the cylinder part and the plunger that can be taken out and given a good rinse.

On the whole, a French press is a simple and easy to use timeless coffee maker.

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