Free radicals:

The free radicals start to form in the human even when the person is very young and starts the process of ageing which has undesirable and unwelcome effects on the human body. The free radicals cause the oxidation process by combining with the cells in the body which results in the person experiencing slowness in the activity and also it causes joint pain in many people as well as inflammations in the muscles of the body. All these cause pain and discomfort which becomes unbearable for the person after a period of years. For additional information on the subject visit to know more and take the right path to heal the defects already caused.

What are they?

capsule format

The subject under discussion here is the astaxanthin which is a pigment that is found in the red algae especially from the red sea. These red algae give the distinctive red colour to the water and the same is ingested by the marine animals of this particular sea and hence the red colour in their flesh. Some examples of these marine animals are the salmons, shrimps, and krill and also Cray fish just to name a few. Consuming these food items is one way of obtaining the antioxidanats in the body.

The preparation:

The astaxanthin in the algae can be extracted using he right methods which will harvest them and they are available in the capsule format in the market. There are other sources also for the astaxanthin but it is from a synthetic source which is petrochemicals which might not be that effective as the natural source. There are other sources of antioxidants apart from astaxanthin such as carotenoids which is also from a natural source like the carrots and other red coloured vegetables. But the astaxanthin is considered to be better than the carotenoids.

How they heal?

 The astaxanthinsget into the deeper areas of the cells and heal the cells by preventing the free radicals from attacking the cells and causing inflammations and visit to know more on the wonder remedy.

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