Sleek And Professional Backdrop Printing

Sleek And Professional Backdrop Printing

A printing service company in Singapore that specializes in a variety of printing services namely pull up banner printing, banner printing services, PVC banner printing, display standee printing, and also backdrop printing.

Kinds of Backdrop Printing

Bruce Banner offers two kinds of  backdrop printing singapore:

  • Tension Backdrop Printing
  • Foam Board Backdrop

Tension Fabric Backdrops

Tension fabric is a lightweight, portable, and perfect for photo taking and photo booths backdrop. This tension backdrops are the most ideal solutions in Singapore. Bruce Banner offers to print for tension fabric displays and printing services in Singapore at competitive prices. This banner is made of fabric pulled over a lightweight aluminum stand as the name suggest. It can be built up and tear down very easily. As a gauge, it only takes 5 minutes to set up a 2.4m wide and 2.3m tall Tension Fabric Display by 2 people. It is more light absorbing than other kinds of backdrops since the tension fabric banners are made of fabric. And it is ideal for usage as a photo booth backdrop or as a photo taking/interviewing backdrop.

backdrop printing singapore

Foam Board Backdrop

The foam board backdrop is made of foam board and since it’s made of foam board, the price of this backdrop is cheaper than other kinds of the backdrop. It will be stick onto the pop-up structure after the foam board is printed out and instantly, the whole foam board backdrop will be up and ready for usage. It will need to join pieces of foam board together to form the final backdrop image first before sticking them up onto our pop-up structure for all the foam board backdrop.

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