Reduce the effort of making tool cart with Telescopic rail

Reduce the effort of making tool cart with Telescopic rail

Only the strongest slides will be able to move a cantilevered weight. They must not only support the load but also move smoothly and precisely. For bearings used in carts containing web handling equipment, this can be challenging to meet. When open, a single drawer may contain hundreds of pounds of gear and will overhang. A superior führungsschiene is required to support a heavy, cantilevered load.

Suitable for both long travel and heavy load

A heavy-duty tool cart was recently designed by Mechatronic Solutions, a provider of automation technology equipment, for an equipment producer who wished to provide the cart as an option to clients who purchased the machines.

The designers, according to the sales engineer, were unable to create a simple design that would suit the lengthy trip requirement with supporting the hefty weight. Steel square rail-type guides, as well as several other slides, were called for in early designs, but none of them met both requirements. After using Rollon products for nearly five years, the engineers called our application specialists to discuss the needs of the project.

Next, Our Telescopic Rail was chosen for the task by Mechatronic Solutions. These full-extension guides are composed of high-strength carbon steel and offer good rigidity and minimal deflection, making them ideal for supporting big loads. Each set of guides on a Telescopic Rail can sustain more than 8,000 pounds. The tool cart’s 600-pound load requirement is met by a pair of DSS-43-690 rails. Furthermore, the Telescopic führungsschiene induction hardened raceways enable smooth, steady movement under heavy loads, even while operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The results have fulfilled the staff at Mechatronic Solutions. The organization saved significant engineering and assembly time and effort due to assistance and the Telescopic Rail’s ease of installation. The slides were of excellent quality and durability. They traveled very smoothly, even with large loads.




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