Find out the originality of the words from the Jesus through truth

Find out the originality of the words from the Jesus through truth

Today we people are living a life which has nothing other than materials. Because of the corporate lifestyle people are consuming more materials but they are not having the right amount of joyfulness they need. Only by the help of the personalfulfilment you can enjoy the happiness and the materials are very temporary in this world. So fi you need to realise the real happiness in this world, you need to find out a good spiritual path in your life. Try to find out the korean Jesus in order to configureyourlife in a differentdimensions.

Why do you need a Jesus anyway?

This isa famousquestion form the people when they hear something about bible. This is a common question but ahs no logic in it. Because we people all need something like agod so that you can heal all your pain and it is easy to relax your mind from the stress that you have facing in yourdaily life.

How to reach the words of god with ease?

This is the reason why people are flocking towards the temple of truth in order to find out the real korean Jesus who could take all their pain and provide them peace.  But if you have some doubts about the process of achieving the enlightenment in your life then you may need to learn something about the shincheonji church.

Analternative but original theology for the people

Today the bible is taught in a different way and you may need the help of the alternativetheology to understand the originality of the worlds of the Jesus. By the help of the promised pastor in the temple of truth you can clearly understand the message from the god. Because he is the messenger of the god and he is the man who testifies the revelationfulfilment in the second coming too.

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