Ensuring The Safety of Indonesian Maid Singapore

Ensuring The Safety of Indonesian Maid Singapore

The hiring process for any maid is taken care of by the maid agency in Singapore. Make sure it is a trusted agency before you hire from them. But hiring does not mean the end of it. There are a few rules and regulations to be followed once the maid has reached your house as well. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when you hire an Indonesian maid Singapore.


The salary also differs for each maid and also their origin. Even if they are Indonesian, if they are first time coming to the country as a maid, then their salary will differ. It will be lower than the ones who are ex-citizens or have worked in Singapore as maids before. You have to give the right salary at the agreed time. Otherwise, they have the right to leave the job and report to the agency.


According to rules under Foreign Domestic Workers, all the maids are allowed to have 4 off days a month. Unless they are working on those 4 days with their consent, this rule is taken quite seriously, especially for an indonesian maid singapore. For the days that they work, especially the ones that are labelled as their off-days, they have to be compensated as required.

Three Meals A Day

If you are hiring them for full-time work, then you have to ensure their daily needs are taken care of. For full-time workers, the employers have to ensure that they are given proper accommodations and the basic requirements to run their life. They have to be fed three meals a day as part of their contract as well. You have to take responsibility for their daily needs if you want their support during yours.

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