Best of the heavy-duty slide rails for Cabinets

Best of the heavy-duty slide rails for Cabinets

Choosing bestdrawer slide seems complicated. An incorrect selection can make paper jams challenging to open and close in the drawers and even damage them. But for deciding the right choice for the Best of the heavy-duty Slide rails? The selection of slides will be described in detail below about the 4 factor for making the right decision for heavy duty slide rails.

Drawer weight class

The first and foremost important thing to consider while shopping for drawer slide is having what weight you plan to retain. Each drawer slide has a specific weights depending on the weight that is designed just to support. First of all, one should also have a better idea of ​​what type of stuff to store in that drawer. Is there a filing cabinet? Is light office supply used? Or are the drawers used for more industrial applications that requires a lot of weight supports?

Most of the drawer slide ratings are 75 pounds, 100 pounds, or 150 pound. However, some of ball-bearing slide can support a load of 500 pounds. Knowing the weight of the burden to apply can help you narrow your choice to the one that best meets your needs, excluding options. If the travel range is exceeded, the drawer may open beyond the full extent of the extension. It is ideal if the lip or extension is on a table or workbench that prevents the drawer from making complete contact with only the full extension slider. These are also standard heavy duty slide rails used in large cabinets.

Drawer Slides That Meet Your Needs

Whether you are installing a comfortable desk drawer or installing it in a noisy production facility, knowing the details will help you choose the right slide.

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