Wyniki Lotto Or Lottery?

Wyniki Lotto Or Lottery?

In the era of advancement and technology, the developers and internet users present you with the latest online bitcoin lottery or lotto.

What is bitcoin lotto?

Bitcoin lotto or bitcoin lottery is probably the biggest and the fairest online lottery site where upto 10 lucky players stand a chance of winning almost $4500 free bitcoin every Monday of the week. The lottery starts every Monday and the lottery tickets bought or earned after that are valid until the lottery ends on Sunday of the same week. The prizes of the chosen lucky winners after the wyniki lotto are directly transferred to their online bitcoin wallets.

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Buying lotto tickets

One can buy the lottery tickets in 4 different ways.

  • By using the free spins available after every 1 hour. The players are required to correctly solve the captcha and hit the spin roll. A total of 2 lotto tickets are earned for every free roll which automatically gets added to the ticket total
  • The players can also earn tickets through referrals. They earn 1 free lotto ticket whenever their referrals use the free spins to earn tickets as well.
  • The easiest method to earn large number of lotto tickets is to play the Hi-Lo game of dice. The players get 1 free lotto ticket after winning 1000 satoshi bets when the wyniki lotto comes out.
  • One can also buy lotto tickets from the bitcoin site of this lottery game; buying 1 lotto ticket for every 2 satoshi bet.

One can check the wyniki lotto in the leaderboard section of the website conveniently after the end of every week.

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