Risk That Comes with league of Legends Booster

Risk That Comes with league of Legends Booster

Elo’s impulse can be dangerous if you are not careful enough. Losing your account is what you want to avoid. He usually spends money, time and effort to get his achievement. Buying elo boost is good, but be sure to use the right company that cares about your account security.

Now let’s ask the question first

How do riot games, league game developers with legends catch or amplify, or those that got elo? Of course, we can’t know for sure if we don’t work for riots, but unfortunately we don’t, but with experience and common sense we can have a pretty solid idea of ​​what they can do. Let’s dive into it.

Ip Detection In fact, every gaming company does this to detect the exchange of accounts, and is no different to increasing it. When you play in your own LoL account, which is usually from home, you have a specific IP address. It may be dynamic, but in general it will be in the same range of IP addresses. If suddenly someone at the other end of the world plays on his account and incredibly quickly goes up the stairs, he will raise the red flag with the help of riot games. However, it is quite normal if you use a VPN, which many players use for several reasons. For example, reduce ping or bypass the firewall. It is known that if your account unexpectedly reproduces the IP address from the VPN, it looks completely normal. Then, when you are considering purchasing a league of legends booster, ask the company if they use a secure VPN for each order. It is important for you to hide from buying the impulse from Elo.


The next thing Riot thinks is a little harder to hide. Most players have a certain set of champions. It may be a few or a dozen. What makes your account suspicious, if suddenly in your game history a new champion appears, whom you have never played before and which shows excellent results.

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