General Terms of Using When Tasting the Red Wine

General Terms of Using When Tasting the Red Wine

If you’re a type of person who likes to know about wine before taking its first sip, then it’s very important to get familiar with general terms that the wine connoisseurs use, particularly as they apply on red wine Singapore. First thing that you need to consider is physical aspect of a wine – color, clarity, as well as intensity.

Clarity or brightness indicates the acidity & quality. Wines that appear cloudy and hazy might suggest the poor storage conditions and contamination. Suppose crystals come at a bottom of its bottle, or glass, it generally indicates that wine is stored at the cold temperature at certain stage. Color of the red must be ruby, purple, brick, garnet, or tawny and derived from length of time the wine ferments with the grapes skin, process known as maceration. Longer the time lasts, darker will be its color.

Pouring the small amount – Around one third of the stemmed glass, will test intensity and depth of the wine. Look down in center of a glass at a stem. Deepest color is at a center & gets paler towards its rim. Tilt this glass halfway against the white background by using the white napkin or tablecloth. More mature is the wine mean it is pale, at times colorless, towards it’s the rim.

When doing wine tasting, smell of a wine or “nose” gets paramount. Wines with intense aromas, we refer as having the “big nose.” It’s polite to take the sniff before you make a sip.

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